Jun 15 • 34M

The Alignment Show with David Good

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Donn King
We’ve all heard of “The Great Resignation,” but it is more accurate to call it “The Great Realignment” as people realized life is short and reoriented their lives to honor what was important to them. That led to a lot of resignations, but it also led to a lot of recommitments and renewals within existing employment. “The Alignment Show” features conversations with folks who have taken steps to identify their highest values and aligned their lives around them.
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David Good was an autistic whiz-kid who started his first business at 16. An injury and subsequent illness led to a complete inability to pursue that career. He pivoted to use his suffering to create a volunteer organization called International Friend Connection that spans cities across the globe and has impacted over 30,000 people worldwide. The President of the United States has awarded him two medals for his volunteerism. We talked with David about how he kept going when his business crashed. We also talked about how he surfaced what truly matters to him, and how he rebuilt his life around those values.

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