May 15 • 25M

The Alignment Show Extra with Vidya Raman

Lucky You! The book is out!

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Donn King
We’ve all heard of “The Great Resignation,” but it is more accurate to call it “The Great Realignment” as people realized life is short and reoriented their lives to honor what was important to them. That led to a lot of resignations, but it also led to a lot of recommitments and renewals within existing employment. “The Alignment Show” features conversations with folks who have taken steps to identify their highest values and aligned their lives around them.
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We had Vidya Raman with us on March 22. In that show, she mentioned the upcoming release of her book. In this extra episode we celebrate its imminent release! As we record this, it’s coming out tomorrow! Learn about "Lucky You: An Insider's Guide to Achieving Success and Finding Fulfillment in the Corporate World." Make luck break your way!

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