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The Alignment Show Ep. 32 with Tracy Borreson

The Alignment Show Ep. 32 with Tracy Borreson

Genuine authenticity just works best

We had an encore guest this week on The Alignment Show. The subhead says something about “genuine authenticity,” which is grammatically redundant. It’s like said “genuine genuineness” or “real reality.” But authenticity has become something of a buzzword in recent years, leading some people to try to appear genuine, the way the makers of knockoffs of Rolex watches may go to a lot of trouble to appear to be the real thing.

That’s not Tracy. Just because “authenticity” may be misused as a buzzword doesn’t make it a shallow concept. Tracy has put a lot of thought and effort into the Journey of Authenticity, and since our focus at The Alignment Show is on living your actual values rather than what others think you should value, a conversation about the efficacy of authenticity seems perfectly appropriate, as well as useful.

Here’s a bit of authenticity: my disabled daughter has been in the ICU for 20 days at this point, and so I don’t have all the links for the show notes that we usually have. I will update this post later with more links, but I wanted you to be able to listen to it as soon as possible. Subscribe to make sure you can reach updated links [hint, hint].

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