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The Alignment Show Ep. 31 with John David Mann

The Alignment Show Ep. 31 with John David Mann


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John David Mann has spawned careers the way an oak tree spawns acorns. He has been a successful concert cellist and music composer. He founded a school, a food distribution business, a graphic design business, and two publishing companies. He even built a multimillion-dollar sales/distribution organization of over a hundred thousand people. But in recent years he has known tremendous success as a writer, publishing over 30 books in both fiction and non-fiction, including multiple best-sellers, including The Go-Giver and its followups and The Latte Factor.

In this episode we talked about how he moved into writing (hint: he did it backwards, working first as an editor), how he balances confidence as a writer with managing imposter syndrome, and insights on his latest business fable written with Dan Rockwell called The Vagrant.

Resources we mentioned in this episode include:

  • His website where you can find links to all of his books, including The Vagrant, download his free ebook entitled How to Write Good (Or At Least Gooder), and learn more about his highly-regarded writing course.

  • An email address ( where you can learn about a Q&A on Oct. 19 centered around The Vagrant.

  • John mentioned two books by his friend Lou Berney that you might find interesting: November Road and Dark Ride.

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